by admin on March 2, 2009

Welcome to Science4Grownups, a new website dedicated to encouraging and maintaining interest in the sciences among adults.

  • Have you ever visited a science museum only to find it full of animatronic dinosaurs, interactive displays, and movie theaters, but little actual science content above the level of an grade-schooler?
  • When watching science-based television shows, do you get bored after the 300th explanation of plate tectonics, bad CG visualizations, or the endless repetition of old stock footage?
  • Are you a little let down after the introduction of the latest popular science book reassures you “there won’t be any math to worry about?”
  • Do you find yourself checking out the natural history of a place before traveling there? Do you wish you could find a local science expert to show you around?
  • Want to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge but don’t have the time to get that Ph.D. nor do you want to part with your body before you’re done with it?

If any of these scenarios fits you, then we’re here to help. Our mission at Science4Grownups is to help foster and maintain adult interest in science by providing information about 

  • scientist talks, science exhibitions, and laboratory open houses
  • science books, television show, and internet resources
  • science travel and study opportunities
  • amateur or “disruptive” science research projects

We hope you find this site to be useful resource. Like many website projects, Science4Grownups is a work in progress, so feedback is welcome. Check back frequently as we plan to grow the site with content, community features, science news, and more.

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