NASA launches delayed STS-119 on schedule

by Eric on March 16, 2009


Credit: NASA/Tony Gray, Tom Farrar

Credit: NASA/Tony Gray, Tom Farrar

Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-119 to the International Space Station successfully lifted off at 7:43pm EDT Sunday. Its primary mission will be to deliver the final solar array for the ISS:


Discovery’s STS-119 flight is carrying the space station’s fourth and final set of solar array wings, completing the station’s truss, or backbone. The arrays will provide the electricity to fully power science experiments and support the station’s expanded crew of six in May. The 13-day mission will feature three spacewalks to help install the S6 truss segment to the starboard, or right, side of the station and deploy its solar arrays. The flight also will replace a failed unit for a system that converts urine to potable water.

Discovery was delayed from its scheduled Friday launch due a leak detected in the hydrogen venting system. NASA reports the  seals were replace and no leaks were detected prior to Sunday’s launch.

If you want to follow the mission online, NASA provides coverage via NASA TV.

NASA is also providing coverage on the various social networking sites like Twitter  and Facebook.

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