Sex and War at Ask A Scientist 03.24.09

by Eric on March 19, 2009

Continuing with next week’s Cafe Scientifiques, Thomas Hayden and Malcolm Potts will discussing their new book Sex and War at the Atlas Cafe:

Why is it that humans, nearly unique in this regard, have a natural inclination to band together and kill off members of our own species? The fact that chimpanzees, our closest evolutionary relatives, are the only other animals known to exhibit such organized warlike behavior is a big clue. Malcolm Potts and Thomas Hayden, authors of the new book Sex and War, assert that the answers lie in our biological history — that aggression against our own species is rooted in deep evolutionary impulses and predispositions. In other words, intra-species battling among our protohuman ancestors gave a reproductive advantage to the most violent males — and here we are, their pugnacious descendants, still at it. Come learn how sex and war are inextricably linked, and perhaps, what we modern-day humans can do about it.

Go to Ask a Scientist for more details. The program runs from 7-9pm and book will be available for purchase.

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