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by Eric on March 29, 2009

Galileoscope Project IYA2009 

Galileoscope Project IYA2009

Have you ever wanted to see CRATERS on the MOON? Track the motions of the MOONS of JUPITER? Observe the waxing and waning PHASES of VENUS? Galileo did it 400 years ago, and now you can too with the amazing new Galileoscope! Over 3 years in the making by LEADING ASTRONOMERS, ENGINEERS, and EDUCATORS, the new Galileoscope could turn you (or your kids) into the next Galileo!

Here’s how it works. Assemble the 26 pieces that make up the Galileoscope, point it at a moon, star, or planet and look through the eyepiece. It’s really that easy!

What makes such miracles possible? Through the magic of optics, light is collected by the objective lens where it is magnified and passed down the telescope tube to the eyepiece and passed directly to your eye without fancy electronics or painful surgery!

Just look at what you get:

  • The Galileoscope, which you can assemble in either the Galilean or Keplerian configuration!
  • A 1¼-inch focuser, compatible with commercial accessories like eyepieces, star diagonals, and camera adapters!
  • A 50mm achromatic objective lens for reduced chromatic aberration!
  • A lens shade for blocking out the pesky glare from urban street lamps!
  • V-block bases/stands so your Galileoscope won’t roll away!
  • A 20mm eyepiece for 25 TIMES MAGNIFICATION!
  • Complete assembly instructions!

How much would you pay for all this?




Keep going…


Umm, higher…

Would you believe $15? ($12.50 in quantities of 100)?

How is this possible? Simple. By selling directly to the astronomical community, we eliminate the middleman, and since we aren’t a profit-making venture, we can sell these Galileoscopes at cost to you to consumer, so call now! Operators are standing by!

Order now, you’ll also get, for no addtional charge, the amazing BARLOW LENS, capable of doubling the size of everything you see in the Galileoscope!

Please stand by for an important message:

It’s unfortunate, but in many parts of the world, children don’t have access to astronomy, or telescopes, or even clean water. Want to make a difference in the lives of one these children? Click the Give Some link and you can donate a Galileoscope to a needy child. It’s that simple, and it only costs $12.50. That’s like $0.03 a day, and isn’t it worth it to know that somewhere out there a child will not go to bed hungry because he was up all night discovering the wonders of the cosmos?

Some assembly required, but only about 5 minutes. Price does not include shipping and handling. Galileoscope not include mount or tripod, but does come with a ¼-20 mounting nut, compatible with most photo tripods. Begins shipping in late April. Do not point Galileoscope at the sun. Do not taunt Galileoscope. Use of Galileoscope may cause excommunication. 

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