TV Alert: How the Earth Was Made – Asteroids

by Eric on April 16, 2009

The next episode in the History Channel’s geo-mentary series airs Tuesday night, April 21.

How The Earth Was Made : Asteroids
Tuesday April 21 09:00 PM
These giant mountain-sized boulders from space have wrought death and destruction throughout the millennia but until recently geologists could find no evidence that they had actually struck the earth. Follow the remarkable detective story that begins at Meteor Crater in Arizona as mining engineers desperately try to unearth the billion dollar iron boulder they thought was lying there. It’s a detective story that also uncovers immense riches; the world’s biggest nickel deposit in Sudbury, Canada, vast oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico and a gold mine in South Africa–all the result of asteroid impacts. Evidence is also unearthed of violent impacts that decimated some of the first people to live in America. What clues do asteroids, and their smaller cousins, meteorites, hold in the formation of the early Earth and perhaps life itself?

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