2009 Total Solar Eclipse

by Eric on July 18, 2009

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The only total solar eclipse of 2009 will bypass the U.S., so the best way to catch it will be via webcast.

In fact, since the path of totality is on the other side of the earth, crossing India, China, and the Western Pacific Ocean around 6-8pm PDT, there appear to be no plans by Bay Area science institutions to provide public viewing opportunities.

The Exploratorium instead has a page covering this year’s eclipse. It includes a place to post comments and some links to other eclipse-related webcasts and resources. According to the Exploratorium:

The Exploratorium’s eclipse expedition team has chased its fair share of total solar eclipses—seven so far—Webcasting these magnificent events to people around the world. While we won’t be traveling to this year’s eclipse, we plan to cover the total solar eclipse in July 2010.

Bummer. Here’s that list of eclipse webcams culled from the Exploratorium page:

Grupo Saros (China – Wuhan) http://www.saros.org/index.html
Eclipse City (China – Shanghai) http://www.eclipse-tv.com/
Live! Eclipse 2009 (Japan) http://www.live-eclipse.org/
SEMS-Sun Earth Moon Systems (University of North Dakota):http://sems1.cs.und.edu/~sems/index.php

Eclipse Map: Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

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