S4G at Lunar Science Forum 2009

by Eric on July 21, 2009

We’ll be spending the next couple of days down at Ames Research Center in Mountain View CA, attending the Lunar Science Forum 2009 conference. The conference is sponsored by the NASA Lunar Science Institute and NASA Ames Research Center.

The second annual conference has the purpose of reviewing the state of knowledge and opportunities for science:

Of the Moon: Study the nature and history of the Moon (including research on lunar samples) to learn about this specific object and thereby provide insights into the evolution of our solar system;On the Moon: Investigate the effects of the lunar environment on terrestrial life and the equipment that supports lunar inhabitants, and the effects on the lunar environment of robotic and human presence;From the Moon: Use the Moon as a platform for performing scientific investigations, including observations of the Earth and other celestial phenomena that are uniquely enabled by being on the lunar surface.

The official conference Twitter tag is #lunarsci09, if you want to follow it via Twitter. They also have a Facebook page.

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