“The Physics Circus” at Cal Academy Nightlife 08.20.09

by Eric on August 19, 2009

This week’s Cal Academy Nightlife is a real treat: Zeke Kossover will be giving physics demonstrations as part of his award-winning “Physics Circus.”

Come one, come all: the Physics Circus makes a special appearance this week. Join ringmaster Zeke Kossover in a wide array of physics demonstrations. Can you really break the bottom out of beer bottle just with your hand? Are personal hovercrafts the wave of the future? Ping pong balls instead of bullets? Is walking on glass as safe as physicists claim? These questions and more will be answered as Zeke and his crew will explain the physics behind the dazzling experiments. You may even be drafted into the show. After all, Zeke can’t sledgehammer a bed of nails into his chest by himself.

Zeke Kossover has been teaching high school science for 16 years. He is the winner of the Herbst Award for Excellence in Teaching and the American Association of Physics Teachers Award for Low Cost Apparatus. He also just won a blue ribbon “Editor’s Choice” award at the Maker Faire for his physics demonstrations.

The Physics Circus will take place at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm in the Forum Gallery. Passes will be distributed the night of the event on a first-come, first-served basis.

Zeke adds:

Like in previous outings, I will have a cinder block smashed over my chest, and I will walk barefoot on broken glass. Other stunts include knocking out the bottom of beer bottles, shooting giant smoke rings, and blowing a hole through an aluminum can with a ping pong ball. If you’ve seen me before at the Axis Cafe or the Maker Faire, you will have seen some of these.

Get there early as tickets will go quickly.

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