“Galilean Nights” Telescope Building Workshop and Star Party at UC Berkeley: 10.23.09

by Eric on October 22, 2009

To celebrate Galilean Nights weekend, the UC Berkeley Department of Astronomy will be hosting a “telescope building” star party. A limited number of the easy-to-assemble Galileoscope telescope will be made available for the low, low price of just $10:

We’re holding a special event on Friday evening, October 23 in celebration of “Galilean Nights”. We’ve obtained 65 “Galileoscope” kits, a simple but high-quality telescope with which you can view mountains on the Moon, the phases of Venus, and the moons of Jupiter. Thanks to a generous donation from our friend Eric Korpela we are able to subsidise the cost. We are requesting a $10 donation (less than half the cost of purchasing one yourself), and a limit of one scope per family – first come, first served. Bring a standard camera tripod if you have one, and weather permitting, we’ll set up outside to view the stars. If you already own a telescope (perhaps even a Galileoscope!) feel free to bring it along and we’ll give you some tips on getting the most out of it. Kids (we recommend ages 7 and up) are welcome at this event if accompanied by an adult.

The event is scheduled for 7pm at Campbell Hall, room 544 and will be followed by an observing session (weather permitting) lasting until 8:30pm. Dress warmly and bring a small flashlight.

Galilean Nights is an International Year of Astronomy 2009 event taking place over the weekend of October 22-24, 2009 with the goal of getting as many people around the world to use telescopes to view the very same objects Galileo himself observed over 400 years ago, including the moon and Jupiter.

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