East Bay Science Cafe: An Ethiopian Diorama: A Glimpse of Humanity’s Dawn – 02.03.10

by Eric on February 3, 2010

This month at the East Bay Science Cafe, the topic is early man. Henry Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UC Berkeley will speaking about recent anthropological discoveries in Ethiopia:

The human fossil record has grown exponentially since the discovery of the first Neanderthal. We now have a continuous record of the last 6 million years, replete with many exceptional sites that offer well preserved hominins, prehistoric habitats, and stone tool troves.
One million years ago a population of Homo erectus lived in a riverine drainage basin in what is now a remote part of Ethiopia. This presentation will provide a detailed introduction to the fossils and stone tools found in this region, and provide a look at paleoanthropology history and the broader human fossil record.

Just for fun, ask him a question about “hominids.”

East Bay Science Cafe is held at 7pm at Cafe Valparaiso in the La Pena Cultural Center3105 Shattuck Avenue, in Berkeley.

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