While current earthquake science doesn’t give us the ability to predict earthquakes, it can tell us where they are likely to strike. Death and destruction await those who fail to heed the warnings.

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Post image for Northern CA rocked by magnitude 6.5 earthquake

At 4.27pm PST, a little piece of the Gorda plate some 30 miles west of Ferndale, CA decided to move to the north a little ahead of the rest of its plate. According to the Eureka Times-Standard, the resulting 30-second earthquake has knocked out power in Eureka and Ferndale, and while the damage is widespread it also appears to be relatively minor. There is no count of injuries or fatalities.

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Residents of Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville were gently bothered by a 3.0 earthquake that struck Wednesday afternoon at 3:34pm PDT. The quake struck the Hayward Fault, which by itself is a rather common occurrence, but in a an unusual turn of events, this particular quake was followed by a series of 7 smaller aftershocks, the […]