Mt. Redoubt Erupting Again

by Eric on March 26, 2009

Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) is reporting “a major explosive event” beginning at 9:24 AKDT is in progress on Mt. Redoubt volcano. The National Weather Service is reporting the ash cloud to be at least 65 Kft in height.


5 Eruptions Rock Redoubt Volcano

by Eric on March 24, 2009

After roughly a week of significant activity, Alaska’s Redoubt Volcano erupted early Monday morning sending ash up to 60k ft, and melting portions of an adjacent glacier.


Sakurajima Volcano erupts

by Eric on March 10, 2009

Conveniently enough, active volcano Sakurajima erupted yesterday right in front of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism cameras placed on the mountain.

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